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AER-CORE was founded in June of 1990 and completed its first deep-tine aerification contract in August of 1990. The equipment consisted of two tractors, two deep-tine aerators, one fairway core aerator and two trucks. The following summer the TORO Hydroject was added, which has largely been replaced by needle-tines, for summer aeration.

In the spring of 1993, AER-CORE began using and selling deep tine aerators. This was the first venture into retail equipment sales for the company. Since that time the company has added the GREENSGROOMER Topdressing Brush, BLEC USA ground prep equipment, and DAKOTA topdressers to its lines of retail turf equipment.

In the summer of 1999, AER-CORE first offered athletic field renovation using the BLEC USA Blecavator and Cultipack seeder. This process enabled the company to till and re-establish grass on worn areas of athletic fields without the costly process of rebuilding. The new service offered was the DRILL & FILL aerator (also called the Floyd McKay aerofier) which drills holes in the turf and backfills the hole with sand.

AER-CORE is continually looking for niche areas of the maintenance process that can be accomplished more efficiently and economically by a contract operator rather than being done "in house". The company has found the key to success has been the quality of its operators and their attention to details and quality work.

The company philosophy has remained unchanged since our beginning in 1990, which is that we will always strive to do what we say we will do in a professional and timely manner. The philosophy has served us well for the past thirty years and we have every intention to continue to serve our customers with integrity and professionalism.

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